That means it is time to BUST out those refreshing drinks! Here is a quick summer drink recipe that you can start perfecting now before the summer gets here!

Summer Mocktail

  • With fresh watermelon, ginger beer, lime, andย mint!


What you are going to need is…(this can make about 8 glasses):

  • 1 small to medium watermelon (ideally store it in the fridge so it is nice and cold!)
  • 2 cans or bottles of ginger beer ( I get Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew Ginger Ale; sometimes with extra ginger!)
  • 4 limes
  • 1 bunch of mint leaves
  • Ice to serve

How to make this bad boy:ย 

  1. Cut up the watermelon and whizz in a blender. Mine produced around 1.2 liters. Pour through a sieve to remove the seeds (or you can remove them before blending).
  2. Add a handful of ice to each glass.
  3. Pull the mint leaves off the stems and split into the glasses.
  4. Pour in the watermelon juice to the half way mark of the glass.
  5. Squeeze the juice of half a lime into each glass.
  6. Top off the glass with ginger beer.
  7. Pop a straw in and enjoy!
  8. Optional:
    • You can make a simple syrup for added sweetness by heating equal parts water and sugar( I use cane sugar). Cool to room temperature then add into drink.
    • And if you want to be fancy, rub a cut up lime along the rims of your glasses and dip the glass in sugar, and add a sliced lime to the rim of the glass.

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